Bevan Tjampitjinpa

Bevan now lives in Darwin. As a young man he moved to Ti Tree (Aleyaw) north of Alice Springs, the country of his ancestors. He lived with his Elders for ten years on the Anmatyerre lands learning their traditional ways including hunting for bush tucker and animals.

Here his interest in art developed and was taught to paint by the family elders.

 Emphasis was given to the use of the brush and stick to produce traditional art. This is evident by Bevan’s use of traditional symbols to interpret various features of the landscape and to depict hunting and gathering stories.

Men Ceremony 835mm x 1170mm

Artist : Bevan Tjampitjinpa

Title : Men Ceremony

Size : 835mm x 1170mm

Code : 1010

Price : $1200

Water Holes 830 X 1140

Artist : Bevan Tjampitjinpa

Title : Water Holes

Size : 830 X 1140

Code : 1011

Price : Sold