Barney Campbell Tjakamarra

Born C 1928 – 2007

Barney was a full traditional member of the Pintupi group. He became deeply immersed in painting long before being seriously involved in the acrylic movement of Papunya.

His skills and techniques were gained from a number of traditional aboriginal artists including his grandfather and father.

Barney painted a number of dreaming stories and depictions of the Tingari Cycle associated with the MacDonald Ranges and Tjukurla utilizing  different techniques when painting. One style incorporated the use of roundels in dot form or in block form. 

The dreaming stories were expressed in a both a natural, straightforward and simple way. These qualities reflected his persona and the spirit of his family, his country and his people.

Tingari Cycle 960mm x 1800mm

Artist : Barney Campbell Tjakamarra

Title : Tingari Cycle

Size : 960mm x 1800mm

Code : 2402

Price : $4700