Angelina Pwerle (Ngala)

Angelina Pwerle can be also referred to as”Angelina Ngala “is now recognized for her fine dotting depiction of “Anwekety “(the conkerberry and bush plum.) Born in the desert at Utopia Station in 1947, Angelina commenced her artistic career in the 1970’s in the medium of Batik; however with the introduction of acrylics  Angelina quickly made the changeover utilizing this new forum like the majority of fellow Utopian artists.

 Complimenting the Bush Plum/ Conkerberry which continues to be her primary subjects, Angelina’s palette also includes women’s ceremonial body painting (Alwelye) which is emphasized by the striking and vivid colours. Another topic also includes the tale of Atham-areny -relating to small animals that live afar from fire.

Over the years Angelina’s reputation as artist has grown to the point where she is now recognized a prominent indigenous artist throughout this industry with her works being collected both within and outside Australia.

Bush Plum 1220mm x 1310mm

Artist : Angelina Pwere (Ngala)

Title : Bush Plum

Size : 1220mm x 1310mm

Code : 3032

Price : Sold

Bush Plum 1180 X 1260 mm

Artist : Angelina Pwere (Ngala)

Title : Bush Plum

Size : 1180 X 1260 mm

Code : 3017

Price : $ 3950