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If you’re interested in Aboriginal art, a visit to the Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery is a must. Located on Heidleberg Road, right opposite the old APM Paper Mills, our extensive gallery houses a superb range of contemporary and traditional artwork, from both Renowned Aboriginal Artists and up and coming local talent. Read More…

One of the best Aboriginal Art Galleries in Melbourne, we’ve been showcasing artwork from the Central and Western Deserts and the Kimberley region for over twenty years and our current displays feature the talents of some of Australia’s most recognisable and collectable indigenous artists such as Minnie Pwerle, Anna Price Petyarre, Bessie Pitjara, Thomas Tjapaltjarri and Dorothy Napangardi.

While we do offer some of the best indigenous art Melbourne has available, as passionate art enthusiasts we not only want to bring you artwork from renowned artists, but we want to do all that we can to identify and support new and emerging talent. With this in mind, we’ve created an in-house studio for local artists with a very relaxed atmosphere, which is proving to be an extremely conducive and productive environment for creating some truly outstanding indigenous art.

What’s more, we have a long-standing and total commitment to providing top quality artwork to suit all tastes and budgets, so you’ll see that while the prices of our paintings are extremely competitive, we never ever compromise on quality.

Pay a visit to our spacious art gallery in Melbourne and you’ll see the range and high quality of our Aboriginal art for sale for yourself. Since 2004 we’ve made it our mission to find the very best artwork from the very best artists; artists who love to share their everyday life experiences with you, and who do so by recreating their ideas, dreams and visions through their meticulous artwork.

Over the last twenty years, we’ve become recognised locally, nationally and internationally for the scope and quality of our artwork, for our exhibitions, and for our passion for promoting and supporting indigenous Australian artists. When you visit our Aboriginal Art Gallery, not only will you get the chance to see examples of outstanding Aboriginal artwork, but you’ll also get to see the creative talents of some of our local artists. We usually have several artists in residence who are more than happy to allow you to watch them as they paint and answer any questions you may have about their paintings, their techniques and their background.

We also hold regular exhibitions to feature specific artists. Recently we’ve showcased the supreme talents of Anna Price Pityarra, whose artwork depicts several stories relating to her native land of Utopia; Betty Mbitjana, whose paintings are based on the designs used in body painting during the Alwelye ceremony; and Willy Tjungurrayi, whose instantly recognisable dotting style is acclaimed both nationally and internationally.

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Tingari Cycle 760mm x 760mm

Size: 760mm x 760mm

Price :$ 1800

Artist : Ronnie Tjampitjinpa

Title: Tingari Cycle

Code: 3811

Price :$ 1800
Sand Hills 360mm x 1300mm

Size: 360mm x 1300mm

Price :N/A

Artist : Debra McDonald Nangala

Title: Sand Hills

Code: 3778

Price :N/A
Goanna Eggs540mm x 1150

Size: 540mm x 1150mm

Price :N/A

Artist : Debra McDonald Nangala

Title: Gopanna Eggs

Code: 3776

Price :N/A
Minma Kutuara 1140mm x 2040mm

Size: 1140mm x 2030mm

Price :$ 9890

Artist : Maringka Baker

Title: Minma Kutuara

Code: 3418

Price :$ 9890
Bush Plum Dreaming 1160mm x 2040mm

Size: 1160mm x 2040mm

Price :$ 4900

Artist : Cindy Morton Pwerle

Title: Bush Plum Dreaming

Code: 3768

Price :$ 4900
Grandmother's Country 1200mm x 1800mm

Size: 1200mm x 1800mm

Price :N/A

Artist : Michelle Possum Nungurrayi

Title: Grandmother's Country

Code: 3759

Price :N/A
Kangaroo Hunting 600mm x 1500mm

Size: 600mm x 1500mm

Price :$ 3690

Artist : Kurun Warun

Title: Kangaroo Hunting

Code: 3751

Price :$ 3690
My Country 920mm x 1020mm

Size: 920mm x 1020mm

Price :$ 9800

Artist : Tommy Watson

Title: My Country

Code: 3212

Price :$ 9800
Women Ceremonial Site 980mm x 1530mm

Size: 980mm x 1530

Price :N/A

Artist : Glenys Gibson Napaltjarri

Title: Women Ceremonial Site

Code: 3737

Price :N/A
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