Special Sales Aboriginal Artwork Melbourne


If you’ve always wanted to own a piece of original Aboriginal artwork, you’ll find that there’s a superb selection of paintings for sale at the Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery in Melbourne. With a wide variety of traditional and contemporary artwork from both established indigenous artists and some of the very best up and coming local talent, there’s something for everyone at our gallery; whether you’re an avid collector or you’d like a special piece to celebrate a special occasion.Read More


Our collection includes artwork from the Central and Western Deserts and the Kimberley region painted by some of Australia’s most famous Aboriginal Artists, such as Anna Price Petyarre, Bessie Pitjara, Minnie Pwerle and Willy Tjungurrayi, together with works from local artists who are just starting out on their voyage of discovery into Aboriginal art.

To make it easier than ever to buy original Aboriginal art, we regularly offer selected paintings at very special prices. That’s not to say that we sell cheap Aboriginal art. Instead of that, we frequently hold Aboriginal artwork sales where you’ll be able to pick up an outstanding piece of original art at a heavily discounted price. Take a look at our ‘Special Sales’ and you’ll discover that we have paintings for sale from highly regarded Aboriginal artists such as the acclaimed Gloria Petyarre, Walala Tjapaltjarri and Willy Tjungurrayi.

As you can see, our selection of Aboriginal discounted art is second to none. When you choose to buy an original painting from Mandel Aboriginal Art Gallery in Melbourne, you’ll not only be getting a stunning authentic piece of artwork, but you’ll be investing in the traditions of our country. Furthermore, when you purchase a piece of indigenous art from us you can be sure that you’re buying from a gallery who are passionate about showcasing the wonderful artwork and traditions of our indigenous people, while bringing you their work at very reasonable prices.

Take some time to browse through our catalogue of discounted Aboriginal artwork, or visit our spacious gallery just opposite the old APM Paper Mills on Heidleberg Road, and you’ll discover a superb selection of artwork sourced from artists from Central Australia. We’re known as one of the premier Aboriginal art galleries in Melbourne, not only because of our competitive prices, but because we offer a fantastic array of traditional and contemporary art pieces together with a high level of customer service.

So, if you’re looking for an investment, or you simply want a special piece to brighten up your home or office, check out our special sales. We’re sure you’ll find something that will suit both your tastes and your budget; and don’t forget, we’re always on hand to give you the benefit of our considerable knowledge of Aboriginal art that we’ve gained by being in business for over 20 years.Hide

Bush Medicine Leaves 1030 mm x 2020mm

Size: 1030mm x 2020mm

Price :$ 2250

Artist : Gloria Petyarre

Title: Bush Medicine Leaves

Code: 3710

Price: $4200

Now: $2250

Mina Mina 610mm x 900mm

Size: 610mm x 900mm

Price :$ 1490

Artist : Judy Watson Napangardi

Title: Mina Mina

Code: 2059

Price: $1900

Now: $1490

Bush Yam  940mm x 1220mm

Size: 940mm x 1220mm

Price :$ 830

Artist : Dulcie Long Pwerle

Title: Bush Yam

Code: 1113

Price: $1270

Now: $830

Bush Medicine Leaves 1230mm x 1980mm

Size: 1230mm x 1980mm

Price :$ 2950

Artist : Rosemary Petyarre

Title: Bush Medicine Leaves

Code: 3161

Price: $3550

Now: $2950

Tingari Cycle 630mm x 730mm

Size: 630mm x 730mm

Price :$ 1890

Artist : Ronnie Tjampitjinpa

Title: Tingari Cycle

Code: 3183

Price: $2450

Now: $1890

Sand Hills 950mm x 1540mm

Size: 950mm x 1540mm

Price :$ 2890

Artist : Lilly Kelly Napangardi

Title: Sand Hills

Code: 3006

Price: $3450

Now: $2890

Her Father's Country 600mm x 700mm

Size: 600mm x 700mm

Price :$ 850

Artist : Ngoia Pollard

Title: Her Father's Country

Code: 64

Price: $1250

Now: $850

Bush Plum Dreaming 560mm x 640mm

Size: 560mm x 640mm

Price :$ 890

Artist : Polly Ngala

Title: Bush Plum Dreaming

Code: 2773

Price: $1260

Now: $890

Awelye (Body Painting) 900mm x 1500mm

Size: 900mm x 1500mm

Price :$ 1440

Artist : Mary Morton Kemare

Title: Awelye (Body Painting)

Code: 223

Price: $1990

Now: $1440